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In conjunction with the independent comparative value analytics of MarCom’s strategic health economics modeling partner the Center for Applied Value Analysis (www.cavalue.com), MarCom provides supporting health economics journal publication, communications, and professional education services to all stakeholders in the health care delivery and supply chain.
Today, drugs and devices that provide the greatest overall comparative head-to-head “value” in actual use are getting the attention of product acquisition teams. How “value” is determined, proven, and communicated is the core of Health Economics (HE), be it for early-stage or mature healthcare products.
Value is the New Gold Standard
The new gold standard in medical product communications incorporates the critical dimension of value—a monetized assessment of a product’s overall cost over an entire episode of clinical care, not just its acquisition cost. Increasingly, clinical efficacy alone is no longer enough to drive most brands. That’s because purchasing and formulary teams, payers, and clinical decision-makers alike seek to measure overall product value using Comparative Cost Effectiveness (CCE) and value-based analytics, with increasing emphasis on comparative effectiveness, health outcomes studies, cost utilization reviews, budgetary impact determinations, and other quantified analyses of a given product’s performance in actual use.
Health Economics Publications
Journal publication and third-party validation of all health economics analytics/models is a critical aspect of all data being accepted and used by stakeholders as a practical, powerful management tool in the marketplace. MarCom's highly experience, world-class editorial team prepares the finest manuscripts on all economic models and data analyses for submission to leading clinical and health economics journals for peer review and publication, an essential component of every client program.
Professional Education
The need to educate and inform health care providers, hospital facility management and purchasing teams, payers, and other supply chain stakeholders on the rapidly evolving landscape of Comparative Cost Effectiveness, value-based purchasing, and value analysis modeling is paramount today. MarCom's team of professional education experts design and deploy the finest live and interactive training programs for industry on everything from the design of value analytics to overviews spanning the latest changes at the government level on comparative effectiveness mandates and industry purchasing trends.
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